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Proper therapeutic skin care measures and maintenance are important to the vitality, health and appearance of the skin. Systemic hydration, frequent application of topical moisturizers, proper dietary measures, nutritional supplements, use of sun screens, avoidance of smoking are all basic elements of good care.

Candy Langan, R.N.
Candy Langan, R.N.

In addition to these basics, our many years experience with superficial skin resurfacing has convinced us that the best treatment of the surface skin is the employment of a good glycolic acid peel program. Our program, consisting of periodic ongoing superficial skin peels combined with home maintenance, is a superb regime to treat and correct the fine etchings, coarse quality and dull complexion of the skin.

Candy Langan, R.N., developed the Academy by Candy Medical Skin Care System that we believe is the most effective program available. It has many advantages over other modalities including microdermabrasion and the new so-called noninvasive lasers. The Academy Glycolic Peel Program is tried and true, producing many satisfied patients for many years.

Academy by Candy Product Line
Academy by Candy Product Line

Click here to read more about the Academy by Candy Medical Skin Care line. 

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