Nose Surgery – Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to improve the appearance of the nose. Refining the shape of the nose results in a more delicate contour that is in better balance with other facial features. Procedures on the nose should be customized to harmonize with each individual’s face. The nose may be too large, too long, too short or too wide; it may have a prominent bump or a large tip. Techniques are available to improve these presenting physical findings. Efforts are made to tailor each procedure in an attempt to satisfy the needs of each person. Teenage girls and boys enjoy a more positive self-image while mature adults of almost any age derive pleasure and reap the benefits of a nicer nasal contour. Also, when a significantly deviated septum (internal wall that separates the two air passages), is present, a concomitant correction of this septum may improve breathing as well as sinus function.

In every person, the surgeon should strive to create a natural appearing nose. Artificial, unnatural and telltale surgical results are undesirable and efforts should be made to avoid them. The experience, skill and artistry of the surgeon, as well as the physical findings present in each person, are the important considerations that contribute to the outcome of rhinoplasty.

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