Combined Procedures

The primary goal of our practice is to maximize patient satisfaction. Accordingly, it is frequently desirable to have two or more procedures performed. These procedures may be staged at different times; however, they are most often performed at the same time. The advantages of safely combining procedures at one sitting include: greater appearance enhancement much sooner, less anxiety, significantly reduced overall downtime, cost savings, greater satisfaction with results. Commonly combined procedures performed together include: nose contouring (rhinoplasty) and chin enhancement (mentoplasty), upper and lower eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty) along with face/neck rejuvenation (facelift or rhytidoplasty). Forehead-eyebrow lifts, liporedraping (face/neck liposuction), facial skin laser resurfacing, facial implants and soft tissue fillers may also be performed concomitantly with other procedures. Many of the procedures mentioned here may by performed at the same time. The selection and combination of these procedures vary, determined by physical needs and desire to improve appearance. To obtain optimum results in making people look their best, appropriate procedures are customized to suit each person.

On occasion, it may be appropriate and desirable to perform extreme makeovers, However, most people would prefer to retain their physical identity and appear their best in a natural, youthful, pleasant manner. In our practice, we strive to fulfill patient expectations and achieve patient satisfaction.

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