Chin Enhancement – Mentoplasty

A good facial bony framework is an important element in appearance. Flat cheeks and a weak chin are features that are considered to be unaesthetic. They represent undesirable inherited characteristics. In fact, the most important aesthetic physical facial feature, when it is poorly aligned, is the chin. A receding chin can easily be brought into better alignment with the insertion of a substance that adapts well to the structure of the chin. Successful procedures result in a nice jawline and a better profile contour. They provide the balance and harmony so necessary for optimum facial appearance. Generally, mentoplasty is a brief procedure that is very well tolerated. As with all cosmetically related endeavors, the results should provide a natural, non-surgical appearance. While improving the cheek contour is often beneficial, augmenting a receding chin via mentoplasty is among the most rewarding procedures in the realm of cosmetic surgery.

chin surgery photos

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