Adjunctive Procedures

There are a multitude of cosmetic modalities available to enhance appearance. For purposes of brevity, only a few of the more common procedures are presented in this Website. In addition to the items discussed, there are many procedures that have been developed to address most cosmetic concerns. These include liposuction and liporedraping procedures that remove prominent subcutaneous fat deposits to provide a smoother soft tissue contour. Also, there are numerous filler substances currently being used, by insertion or injection, to correct skin and soft tissue defects. They soften facial depressions, reduce the depth of grooves and furrows, treat deep wrinkles and skin creases, and add rejuvenating volume to the face. We tend to prefer using the more long-lasting and less reactive fillers. BOTOX® is a superb treatment to reduce or eliminate forehead frown lines between the eyes, horizontal forehead lines, and crow’s feet (smile lines). Another modality available and receiving popular acceptance is the use of high intensity light sources and lasers that are used for long term reduction of unwanted hair in certain individuals. The best candidates for laser hair removal have dark hair and a fair complexion.

Technological advances are evolving that address cosmetic concerns including loose skin and excess subcutaneous fat. These include special laser, radiofrequency, ultrasound, and Cryo devices.

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