Candy Virtually everyone is concerned with appearance, be it dress, style, hair, make-up in women, moustaches and beards in men. Facial surgical and cosmetic procedures represent another manifestation of appearance, albeit more fundamental. Most people want to look their best, wherever and whenever. This desire can be transformed into reality. In recommending corrective measures and in performing surgical procedures, we strive for improvements with a natural appearance and for rejuvenation with pleasing normal contours, without potential unnatural telltale signs of surgery.

Appearance makes a statement. Appearing one’s best may offer many benefits. It may enhance self-esteem and augment self-confidence. It may contribute to improved social and occupational endeavors. Nicer physical features with better contours may rejuvenate. Sometimes people wish to look their best for others or for a special occasion. Most often, however, people improve their appearance for themselves.

There are many modalities, corrective measures and surgical options available today to address the concerns of everyone. Among the multitude of procedures available, we list several of the major surgical procedures popular today with a proven track record of success in good hands. A few representative photos are presented to define and illustrate each of the major procedures discussed. Space, readability and complexity do not permit us to cover every major and minimal procedure thoroughly in this brief website treatise. Instead, it is more appropriate to present basic concepts without misleading and confusing our readers. For more comprehensive and detailed explanations with special attention to individual needs and desires, including a wealth of appropriate before and after photos, a personal consultation is extremely beneficial in providing useful information.

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