Personalized Consultation

A consultation in the Sattenspiel Surgical Arts Pavilion is an educational session. It is a personal and customized session that addresses the concerns of each individual. Each person meets with Dr. Sattenspiel, with Candy Langan, R.N., (Clinical Coordinator) and with the professional nursing and administrative staff. Multimedia tools are available and utilized as informational guides to convey and explain concepts and procedures. These include videos, numerous before and after photos representing the results of various procedures performed, informative literature that includes our newsletters and brochures. Computer imaging is available, when appropriate, for people to conceptualize potential appearance improvements that may be achieved. A tour of the facility and our Accredited Surgical Suite is provided.

the consultationsDuring the consultation, Dr. Sattenspiel listens attentively to each person, assessing the needs and desires of each individual. Physical findings and areas for potential correction are carefully evaluated. Based on personal and physical considerations, Dr. Sattenspiel, employs his keen eye and best judgment to formulate potential corrective measures. In addressing each individual’s concerns, he discusses options as well as alternative treatment modalities – perhaps surgical, perhaps non-surgical. Pros and cons, anticipated outcomes and any inherent risks and limitations are elaborated.  Most importantly, he offers his recommendations for improvements and corrective modalities that are most likely to yield the best outcome and the most satisfied patient. All aspects of surgical procedures, care and administrative matters are fully discussed. Ample opportunity is afforded for questions, answers and discussion. When appropriate, people are encouraged to bring along a family member or a person of particular importance to them. By all means, they may call or return if they have any unanswered questions or additional concerns.

The consultations are comprehensive with the purpose of providing a valuable informative experience. Whereas expert guidance is offered and state-of-the-art advice is rendered, the sessions are never intimidating. There is never any pressure placed on anyone to schedule a procedure. The sessions are informal, relaxed and extremely pleasant.

Contact the office to set up a consultation. (732) 780-1333

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