Our Philosophy

Physical appearance has been an important cultural and personal concern since ancient times. Various modalities have been employed through the ages to modify and refine physical features to create and maintain personal and social attractiveness. In the modern era, surgical and minimally invasive techniques have been employed to enhance physical characteristics to a level most appreciated in our society. Cosmetic surgery employs plastic surgical principles and innovative techniques to reshape, remold, realign and refine structure to bring anatomical features into better balance. The development of natural smooth contours creates an attractive physical harmony that is most desirable for each person.

patient satisfaction Successful plastic surgery is primarily contingent on knowledge and skills acquired through training, experience, surgical technical abilities, deep concern for and personal care of the patient, ability to establish warm patient rapport, diagnostic and therapeutic judgment, and the achievement of excellent objective surgical results. In addition to high standards of excellence represented by impeccable credentials, the sophisticated surgeon must possess the inherent talent and innate artistic sense to create superb aesthetic contours and to compose form with elegance.

Patient satisfaction is our utmost goal and we offer our expertise and over thirty years experience in a friendly and warm environment with strict adherence to measures of safety. Procedures are performed in a comfortable environment in our surgical facility, that has been awarded national Accreditation by the prestigious Accreditation Association of Ambulatory HealthCare.

Dr. Sattenspiel, a facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon, is devoted to the principles of professional excellence in maximizing results, in striving for patient satisfaction and in educating his patients so that they may understand and appreciate his work. This website presents a brief introductory overview of Dr. Sattenspiel’s highly specialized field of expertise primarily directed to people concerned with enhancing their self-image, self-confidence and appearance.

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