How to Select a Surgeon for Plastic Surgery

Selecting the most competent and qualified surgeon for appearance enhancing procedures is of the utmost importance. Your face and your body deserve to be placed in the hands of a well- trained, experienced and skilled surgical artist. Unfortunately, finding the most accomplished physician appropriate to best serve your needs is not always an easy task. Many people are unsure of the best ways to find the most desirable surgeon to satisfy their desires. They are often uncertain of the criteria to seek in the selection process. So, what should you look for?

your face and your body In choosing the most appropriate surgeon to serve you, there are several major considerations that must be addressed. The quality and depth of specialty education and training provide a firm and secure foundation upon which the highest level of performance is based. Next, there is no substitute for experience. It is true when it is said that “experience is the best teacher”. In addition to good basic training and experience, a continuing education process must prevail. Physicians and surgeons should keep current and abreast of the latest developments by participating in educational venues, both as student and teacher. Therapeutic improvements and surgical techniques are ever evolving and improving. The most conscientious doctors will continue to learn, develop and teach others. Therefore, it is beneficial that the surgeon you select participate in teaching programs and frequent scientific meetings, not only to learn from peers but to present innovative concepts and better techniques to others.

The credentials of your prospective surgeon should be scrutinized. Board certification and fellowship in prestigious specialty societies substantiate the qualifications of the surgeon. A long and arduous process is required to achieve these certificates that attest to medical excellence. Certification as a Diplomate of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery verifies subspecialty expertise in plastic surgery of the region of the face and neck as well as cosmetic surgery. This Diplomate must also be certified by an Otolaryngology or a Plastic Surgery Board.

personalized consultation Training, experience, impeccable credentials, surgical success and devoted patient care are all qualities that contribute to a surgeon’s reputation. Happy patients who are pleased with their outcome will praise their doctor and convey their positive sentiments to others. They will indicate that their surgeon satisfied their needs and desires and that the professional care continued with all follow-up concerns fully addressed. They will relate their comfort in the knowledge that their doctor was always available to them, if and when needed.

While cost considerations are important when contemplating cosmetic procedures, they are less important when choosing a specific surgeon. Personal discretionary expenses are employed to finance these procedures. Financial factors should be considered as a basis of the affordability of fulfilling one’s desires to improve appearance; however, they should never be used as a basis for selecting the best surgeon and personal care. The quality of the surgeon and the professional services are not necessarily related to fees. The fees of some surgeons may be unusually high while some may be extraordinarily low. Most surgical fees, however, vary within a relatively broad range.

Nevertheless, it is ill-advised to select a particular surgeon for your procedures based primarily on the doctor’s fee schedule. It is recommended that you select the most qualified, skilled, and caring surgeon with whom you feel comfortable and with whom you have the most confidence. Understand, this is not a returnable product. This is your face, your body, your appearance. Your decision is important!

The least important consideration in the selection process is plastic surgical advertising. Attractive Internet and media ads as well as enticing infomercials may provide visible public exposure but they do not reflect on the ability, skill and caring of the physician. Colorful graphics and beautiful models are merely symbolic. In no way do they translate into the realization of successful plastic surgical endeavors. People should be cautious about the veracity of commercial promotion.

In summary, there is no substitute for a surgeon who provides comprehensive care with expertise and sophistication. This surgeon must adhere to the code of highest ethical standards and maintain moral values beyond reproach. Credentials, integrity and sincerity are indispensable virtues critical in your surgeon selection process.

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